Hello, Bandcamp!

My name is Eric, it's a pleasure to connect with you. I'm a record-playing,  synthesizer twiddling, funky edit making expert in customer support. I spend much of my current work days answering support tickets or writing knowledge base articles with my headphones on, listening to music I bought on Bandcamp.

I'm an admirer and user of Bandcamp's set of tools not only for listening & purchasing, but for discovering new music. With that music, I've spent the last 10 year behind turntables playing more than 50 gigs a year and have held residencies at top venues in both Oregon and Colorado.

I've spent the last 5 years taking the support team at my current employer from a single agent in a Gmail inbox to a full team that not only supports over 2 million customers, but actively engages customers to drive revenue and retention. As the 12th employee of the organization, I've participated in the growth of my current employer through diverse challenges and all the way through an acquisition by the industry leader in our niche of sports tech. I'm a manager at my organization and supervise all support interactions, processes, and the bridge data that ensures our customers inform our products in meaningful ways.


Customer Support and DJing

Customer support is a lot like DJing. Knowing how to read a customer is just as important as having the skills and knowledge to perform your job in theory. As both a DJ and a longtime customer support representative, I know how to take clues from customers that inform the most effective ways of communicating  with them.

Communicating with drunk, dancing patrons takes the same patience and clear language it sometimes takes to inspire confidence in customers that aren't quite technically literate. As an expert in both, I'm beyond excited at finding a company at the intersection of some my biggest passions in life.

Note: The cap I'm wearing in the photo on the left was purchased from Celebrate Everything's Bandcamp page.

Keeping Up on the Latest

In order to be an effective customer support agent, it takes both patience and process. Anticipating support issues through keeping an eye on development has a lot in common with keeping up on new music, and luckily, I can navigate a Trello card just as familiarly as I do my Bandcamp feed. 

At my current organization I have created and managed a customer-support bridge position that has evolved to not only stay on top of new development to stay ahead of possible support issues, but fervently tracks customer feedback to pass on bugs, usability issues, and feature requests with quantitative and anecdotal evidence.

Fun fact: My first download from Bandcamp was a subscribe-for-download song from Ezrakh.



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Working through problems and keeping the music playing.

Solving problems isn't always straightforward and sometimes requires abstract thinking and stubborn resolve. I approach the developmental quirks customers often uncover with the same curiosity  that I do in patching my synthesizer and the same determination I tap when troubleshooting the house system left disheveled and unusable by a less responsible performer that played the night before.

Secret Alias: I do have an artist page with an edit I did, but it's under a different alias than my usual DJing & production and I haven't yet posted anything I was ready to start pushing to listeners. Can you find it?



I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about me and why I might be a good fit for Bandcamp's customer support position. I hope we can chat soon so I can learn more about you.